What is Steam Family Sharing?

Steam Family Sharing is a feature of the Steam Client for PC and Mac, that allows users to share their games with another account while they're not actively playing. If you want to know more about Family Sharing go to Steam's official Homepage.

What is steamfamilysharing.com's purpose?

There is no official way to get information from Steam / Valve, if a game supports Steam Family Sharing or not. Therefore we ceated steamfamilysharing.com. We are offering a database where the community can add the information if a game supports it. Use the search field below to search for a game by typing in it's name or steam id!

How do I activate Steam Family Sharing?

×To activate Steam Family Sharing on your PC you first need a person to get Family Sharing from. After that follow these steps:
  1. As the person who gets Family Sharing: Log out of Steam. To do that, go to the Steam Client, click "Steam" in the upper left corner and click on "Change User"

  2. Now you need to login with the account of the providing Person. To do that you can use programs like Teamviewer or just ask the person to temporarily change their password and give it to you. The whole process is done under 5 minutes, so changing the password is a bit of an overkill.

  3. After you logged in successfully with the account of the providing Person, click on "Steam" in the upper left corner and hit "Settings". There you have a lot of customization options for the steam client. But we're only interested in Steam Family Sharing today, so hit the second option called "Family" and click on the checkbox "Authorize Family Sharing on this computer".

  4. This step is very important, as it is often forgotten. Make sure to click on the checkbox besides the receiving Person's name.

  5. As the last step, change the user again as described in (1) and login into your own account. If you now go to "Library" there should be a new section on the left side with all the games, that you don't own and support family sharing.

Want to know if game xy supports family sharing before buying? Look it up now and be sure before you buy!